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Everybody Loves… sparkles that is! At least until the fall and winter seasons approach. Wait for a second, let's be clear on what I’m essentially talking about. Designers were making a shiny allure at this year 2017 Fashion Week. The more bling there is the better it will be. Here are these years take away notes. We are going to explore what designers have chosen to bless us with for this upcoming season. So grab your Pinterest and let's start exploring……………………

First up is the Oscar de la Renta Frederikke Embellished Suede Boots, these boots retail at $4,970. Standing 3.5 inches tall who wouldn’t want a pair of these beautiful thigh highs boots embellished with a swarm of crystals?

Oscar De La Renta F/W17 Oscar De La Renta F/W17Oscar De La Renta F/W17


Up next are the Niki Thigh-High 101 boots by Saint Laurent Fall/Winter Collection. The Niki boots retail for a whopping $10,000, too much? or who cares? #ShopHelenGals we need answers! Rihanna was the first to get her hands on these boots literally “fresh off the runway” visit out our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page to check out Rihanna’s photo!

Saint Laurent F/W17Saint Laurent F/W17Saint Laurent F/W17

Okay, the mother of all……… the Chanel Space Boots. These sparkly glitters boots will defiantly become the statement piece of any outfit. The price is currently unknown but based on Chanel’s website their Fall/Winter collection boots range between $1500-$2200.


Ok, let say you choose not to invest in the above options I have an alternative for you, yay! So Isabel Marant featured the Mileya glittered socks on the runway in Paris for their Fall/Winter  2017 fashion show. The Mileya socks are not currently available for purchase but there are similar socks (Vicka Metallica Socks) listed on the site for $60 a pair.

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“Everybody  loves things that sparkle”

-Philiph Treacy

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